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A good and professional interior designer does not only plan and design a space, but builds solid and lasting relationships with her clients. Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with interior designers:

Never call her an Interior Decorator

Yes! There is a big difference! Interior decorators can help you with improving the look of your space; they can style and decorate it. Interior designers, on the other hand, have a degree and a professional license that they worked hard for. This means that interior designers have the capacity to produce signed and sealed plans. They carefully study your space – providing optimal planning solutions, and sourcing the best materials to be used.

Never ask them to design for free

Because interior designers invested time, effort, and money on education please do not ever ask for free drawings, more so free designs. Their schooling didn’t come for free, after all. Interior designers spend time reviewing and studying your needs for your space. They research on the appropriate materials and best possible approach to be able to come up with an outstanding solution for you

Never ask for lower professional fees

Interior designers have a standard professional fee to guide them on how to best charge their clients. This protects the interior design industry. The best interior designers qualify because of their experience, their knowledge, and capabilities, not by having lower rates.

Respect their time table

Interior designers invest time to study and prepare the drawings, and material boards for you. Never ask them to submit these in a short span of time. The most ideal is to give them at least two weeks. That gives them enough time to carefully plan the space and source out the materials for you.

Let them know your budget

By being vocal about your budget, interior designers can specify the most cost efficient materials. They can even help you source out the best contractors, and suppliers that fit your budget. As an added value, interior designs can also get you discounts and special rates.

In a nutshell, before you hire your interior designer, make sure that she is capable enough in terms of her job knowledge. Also make sure that she has the right attitude towards the job. A licensed professional knows her responsibilities towards the client; the architect; the manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers; colleagues and subordinates; and the general populace—and faithfully fulfills these responsibilities. D+C


WORDS: IDr. Peaches de Guzman-Grey
Calando Santos

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