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Optimized Workspaces: The Benefits of Integrating of Digital Fiber Optic Management Systems

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Network connectivity is a growing necessity for both individual consumers and burgeoning companies. Because of this, many businesses need to match the ever-increasing needs of modern consumers. iForte Salusi Infotek provides stellar information technology communications (ITC) services throughout Java Island and other areas of the country.  It holds over 6,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable, 17,000 towers, and over 240 points of presence (POP). However, with decentralized data and manual processes guiding their infrastructure, they had a prominent issue with maintaining synergy. Slow customer project delivery and customer response times can quickly stack up, leading to lower sales figures overall. To solve this issue, Bentley Communications provided a digital fiber optic management system to optimize the collaboration and communication of iForte’s operational workflow.

Faster project planning and delivery

iForte’s concern about data traffic and management systems rooted in its preference for manual planning processes. Conceptual design stages, reviews, optimization, and deliveries took as long as over eight hours through the manual process. However, with the use of Bentley Communications applications, iForte’s digital systems made it possible to achieve a more efficient business model. Automated calculations, streamlined workflows, and optimal design solutions that can be sent in under four hours.

Using Bentley Communications MicroStation and Bentley Fiber to optimize their outdoor networks, iForte managed to streamline and accelerate their digital assets into a centralized database. Bentley’s custom network of Geo Web Publisher for Communications (GWPC) provides real-time access to sales, maintenance, and stakeholders of the detailed network information. This allows for simultaneous spatial analysis within a user-friendly environment.

Smoother maintenance and sales processes

Besides providing faster turnaround times, Bentley Communications applications also allow for optimized maintenance and sales processes. Bentley applications make prioritization for repairs easier since maintenance work will receive and deliver vulnerable areas with cable outage. It will enable a quick, on-site response, reducing the time spent on adjustments needed.

Customer interactions should always involve precision and time efficiency. GWPC’s prominent feature is that it allows sales teams to capture real-time and potential customer requirements to generate bills and plan costs with ease. It can create a redline drawing for any number of modified network configurations in the field which an engineer can access to report the state of the project site. Because of this, there’s an optical trace for every accomplished work and on-going jobs.

Clearer path towards success

Businesses who are reluctant to move forward with modern digital tools can become obsolete against progressive competitors. Bentley Communications provides an integrated data system that iForte to overcome data constraints, human error, and slow project delivery times through the digitization of business work models. An investment of USD 230,000 to digitize their systems led to over a 203% return on Investment, saving over USD 699,000 in costs, over the course of three years. Because of this, iForte’s business development manager, Vallianzi Alfin, believes that they can now steadily become the top position as the leader of the telecommunications industry in Indonesia.

WORDS: Gerald Manuel
IMAGES: Bentley Systems

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