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Modern Tropical Homes You Will Love

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The bahay kubo is said to be the quintessential Filipino house that is designed for the tropics: wide windows to let in air and for proper ventilation, steep roofing to facilitate water run off during the rainy season, a central, multipurpose space and made from indigenous materials that are abundant. But modernity has so much influenced today’s Filipino home. With the introduction of new materials and design ideas leading to less and less semblance with the original native abode. 

Fortunately, we have Filipino architects who have the foresight and inclination to design Filipino homes that, although modern, still articulates the design sensibilities of the bahay kubo. In this feature, eight houses by two architects and a design firm known for its Filipino design advocacy

Mark Madrid

A mild mannered yet articulate architect, he gets satisfaction in building houses for other people, designing it as if he will be the one to live in it. Be it a newly constructed house or a renovated one from a few decades ago, there’s that element of being satisfyingly livable: bright with large windows, airy with good ventilation, and surprisingly cozy.

Mañosa & Company

Two homes articulate the bahay na bato. One can readily tell the difference. Optimized for the location, it’s the airiness, less need for airconditioning as interiors are well ventilated; the lightness, large windows let in more natural light; and the distribution and configuration of spaces make these houses comfortable, functional and cozy. There’s the familiar bahay kubo elements but in neovernacular form.

Alex Co

The architect is known for his Asian Moderne style focusing on Filipino inspired design. Beyond the delineation of space and volume, the clear attention to details, the well thought up interior and the prodigious use of wood and stone, his houses are airy, comfortable and has the personality of its owner

WORDS + IMAGES: Estan Cabigas

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