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Loft Co-working houses modern co-working spaces and serviced offices with a coffee shop vibe. Located at the Penthouse of One Corporate Center in Ortigas, it provides indoor and outdoor working spaces with a 360-degree view of the Ortigas Center. Loft elevates the whole working experience for freelancers, digital nomads, startups, entrepreneurs, and students. They have private and communal spaces that strike a balance between the “WE and ME”.

Loft has three types of spaces that you can choose from depending on your needs: open areas, dedicated desks, and private offices. They have communal spaces that promote networking, community, and collaboration through interaction such as a small pantry or kitchen, coffee machine areas, bulletin boards, photocopier and printer, and “The Wall”— a more casual and informal auditorium seating area where one can hold events, film viewings, product launches, and or just chill, take a break and play with their chess boards. One of the best features at Loft is that they provide an old school phone booth where one can keep one’s phone conversations more private.

Co-working is an alternative to working from home, in a coffee shop, in a restaurant, or in one’s own office. It involves a shared workplace with individuals or teams conducting their own independent activities. Co-working offers flexibility, networking opportunities; productivity benefits, and promotes a sense of community.

Their private and communal spaces are well planned and thought off by Interior Designer Vicki Bitanga, which gives the end-users a balance between privacy and interaction. She also made sure that the layout provides flexible spaces. Thinking that the market may grow or shrink in the future, and that needs may change, Loft’s layout is flexible enough to house a variety of events, yet practically designed to utilize every inch of space on a regular day. They have comfortable, well-lit, and movable work stations, which can be re-arranged; accessible charging stations and convenience outlets; and carefully planned sound proofing in such a way that people can talk but their conversations are not loud enough for other people to hear.

Pantry with a view of Ortigas Center
“The Wall” is a stadium seating area for a more casual meeting or event.

Loft also provides services such as accounting, legal services, human resources, printing, web design and development, and a clinic for your convenience. D+C

Loft Coworking Spaces

Penthouse 1, One Corporate Center, Meralco Ave. corner Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig

(02) 284 8789

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