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How to Achieve Hotel Feels in Your Bedroom

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Photo by Christopher Jolly via Unsplash

When it comes to hospitality, everything is about presentation. From the choice of living room furnishing to intricate lighting fixtures, all the right details add up to paint the picture of a comfortable abode or an extravagant one.

Hotels are well-known establishments that exercise the merging of the class of customer service and the aesthetic of luxurious lodging. Whether it be for a company trip or a family vacation, staying at a hotel always seems to hit the right spot to relieve our stress from our usual routines.

Unfortunately, for most of us, taking a trip to the hotel to relax after our nine to five jobs does isn’t an activity that we always have the luxury of doing. But a crafty homeowner can transform a bedroom into a hotel suite with the right tips and tricks to follow.



It doesn’t take a complete overhaul to change our resting chambers into a slice of a hotel feels. Just like following a recipe for a gourmet dish, redesigning a bedroom to fit the aesthetic feels of a hotel suite requires a proper understanding of the ingredients and how these elements interact with one another. All it takes is a keen eye on the essentials of what makes a ‘hotel room’ a hotel room, and some much-needed elbow grease to put it into a reality in one’s own home.

Though it may not feature a help desk concierge and an excellent room service staff, it might just be able to look and do the part of making us feel like staying a night at a five-star hotel. Whether you’re looking to bring the familiar and luxurious atmosphere of a hotel room to your home as a personal project or as a business move for an Airbnb, here are five ways to bring out the class and comfort in your bedroom.


One of the most straightforward elements to pick off from your room makeover checklist is finding the right palette. Much of what needs to be crossed off the list is based on color theory and how they affect us and our actions. To cross things off the list, it’s best to strike-off violent colors from your options such as red, which reflect a mood of passion and excitement, the complete opposite of a relaxing environment. Other colors such as blue can invoke the feeling of relaxation, but a dip further down to darker shades of blue can invoke somber feelings and melancholy


Photo by Chastity Cortejo via Unsplash

Though you have the freedom to choose whichever color you’d prefer as a personal choice, it might be best to go with relaxing tones. Neutral colors such as beige, creamy white, and browns with black accents are timeless room color options then can almost fit with any room. If you’re looking to spice up the tried and tested formula, using pastel variations of your furnishing’s color is a great way to make the ambiance of a peaceful space.


Lighting is an integral part of making you feel that you’re in a hotel room. One of the many luxuries that a hotel room provides is the ample amount of dimness that’s accentuated with the choice of curtains. Limiting the entry of natural lighting gives one the flexibility of knowing what type of blinds are best for the room, from blackout shades to multi-layered sheer curtains.

Besides the modulation of natural lighting, there’s also the issue of adding the right amount of lighting fixtures. A standard hotel room would have a bedside table fitted with a desk lamp or wall-mounted sconces at the corners of the bed.


Photo by Julian Hochgesang via Unsplash

The trick to knowing what the right fixtures to use are and how many are needed is in defining what the lighting’s purpose is. Is it to give accent to furnishing? Is it to provide practical lighting for light reading, a workstation, a small party, or all three? Figuring out what specific area’s purposes are, or highlighting on one overall theme, will make it easier for you to find the right lighting solutions.


One of the easiest ways to set a relaxing atmosphere is through the smell of the room. Scented candles may be a simple yet impactful addition in adding the finishing touches to your bedroom. Choosing the right scent in a room can influence our brain to remember memories or trigger emotions. Lavender is a go-to option to treat insomnia as it encourages us to sleep well. A pine scent is a common relaxant and is known to reduce anxiety and stress levels.


Photo by Bannon Morrissy via Unsplash

Besides choosing scents for their effects, you can also complement the seasons by buying candles that match well with the feeling of the holiday you want to recreate. Citrus and floral scents are best for spring, while cedar and firewood are great in remembering winter.


What bedroom is complete without setting up the bed itself? ‘Triple sheeting’ is the trick to transform any mattress from homemade to hotel-grade that replicate the feeling of the cushiony but firm embrace of a hotel room bed. Layer a thin crisp comforter in between two starched sheets. The comforter makes is cost-efficient to use and will allow one the freedom to not need a heavy duvet on top of the bed.


Photo by Sonny Hiles via Unsplash

Your hotel-ready bed is complete with the combination of sham, throw, and accent pillows. But if you’re looking to make it look luxurious but remain comfortable due to your body’s muscle memory, you can opt to use what pillows you regularly use for sleeping to avoid the need to ‘adjust’ to a new sleeping environment.


Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg via Unsplash


To complete your home-based hotel suite, it’s best to put a little bit of your personality in the details. Unlike a retrofitted hotel room that’s made to be identical to multiple units, you have the opportunity to make yours a tailormade fit that blends both what you want to see in a hotel room and who you are as a person. The best hotel rooms have a dash of personality that makes the entire composition blend well or pop out in it.

Use contrasting colors in your room accessories and trinkets with your color palette to make them pop out as if it’s a still from an Avant-Garde art film. Take advantage of using personalized hangers, towels, and even coasters and mugs to set your room apart to feel extravagant yet unique.


Photo by Tutu via Unsplash

Destressing in our homes after a long day of work is a small piece of heaven that we enjoy every now and then. Sometimes doing a home renovation project is a lot easier than booking a few days at a high-end hotel. Understanding how our home environment’s elements affect us is the key to making the right changes in redesigning it to a homemade luxury suite.


WORDS: Gerald Manuel
IMAGES: Unsplash

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