A Paradigm Shift
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Article by: Engr. Emilson C. Gole Cruz

In the recent years, you hear everyone riding on the “ Green Bandwagon”.Well, we should. At the pace that we have, not to mention the calamities we experienced, we have to admit that over the years, we will begin to run out of certain natural resources that are needed in order for us to survive. Thus, we have to find ways to keep the Earth sustainable.

Now, we should consider the goals of green building. Of course, one of the main goals is to make the earth more sustainable, but it really does go deeper than that. When you decide to go green, your goal will be to actually help to sustain the environment without disrupting the natural habitats around it. When you start a building project, you can actually make an impact in the environment that will be much like a butterfly effect. Even the smallest changes that you can make will help to promote a better planet earth, and a better place for us all to live.

The growing concern over climate change and other environmental issues has paved the way for business and companies to embrace and value the concept of sustainability. Today, developments that are built in consideration of the environment are in top of the game as it offers a high quality of space with cost-efficient features, but also to emphasize corporate social responsibility towards the environment.

The State of Green Philippines

The growing awareness and concern about climate change, plus increasing energy costs, have paved the way for the adoption of green building and construction in the Philippines. Green construction has been encouraged by certification programs, which rate building and construction methods, practices, and features according to their compliance to set standards.

These programs include LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a leading worldwide certification body, and BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence).BERDE is a local initiative by the Philippine Green Building Council, which has been developed in recognition of the fact that some LEED criteria are not applicable to the tropical Philippine setting. While the BERDE rating system mirrors many LEED standards, it also accounts for the aesthetic and cultural aspects of a building’s design, in response to the unique ecological characteristics of the Philippines. The establishment of this domestic rating system, together with the launch of the Green Building Code by the Philippine Department of Public Works and Highways in mid-2015, shows that the Philippines is, indeed, shifting towards a greener building and construction industry.

While the Philippines still lags behind its Southeast Asian neighbors such as Singapore and Thailand, sustainability is rapidly coming to the fore when building new developments and retrofitting existing ones.

The Asset Value of Sustainable Development

The rapid expansion of the green building industry globally sets the bar high for the local building and constructionsector, and should ultimately encourage developers to keep up with the demand pressure for livable spaces as a result of increasing urbanization and the inflow of foreign businesses. The global market for green buildings grew to $260 billion in 2013. According to World Green Building Trends 2016, it is estimated that the percentage of firms anticipating to have over 60 percent of their projects certified green would grow from 18 percent last year to 37 percent by 2018. For the Philippines, going greener is essential as it positions itself as a low-cost business hub.

Green certification is much more than applying labels that add a positive image to construction projects. From a business perspective, these certifications show that the investment has a higher asset value and is recoverable through reduced operating costs and higher return on investments. While energy savings is a direct advantage, it also has other benefits such as greater company marketability and increased employee productivity.

A Fresh Start – Paradigm Shift

Before Grunerde was formed, its green journey started with a group of technical experts working with trusted names in landscape designs and implementation. For 15 years of experience, the group was able to establish a positive reputation on technical expertise on eco-solution and green technologies.

Since eco solution is just in its infancy at that time, the group initially involved themselves with simple and free-coffee table consultancy with friends who trusted their capabilities. Until one group of architects tapped them for their support on a certain project. On that moment, Grunerde was formed. Driven by passion on what they do with technical know-how, they started to grow on their own after 2 years of doing free consultancy on close friends. Grunerde started providing materials for Sky gardens and greenwalls systems.

Grunerde believe that being green doesn’t mean that it should be expensive. Starting from imports, Grunerde developed local capability to provide eco solution materials. In comparison with their competitors who charge higher due to products from other countries, Grunerde is proud to say that they can produce even better materials that are all locally produced. 80% of Grunerde’s main products are locally made with recycled materials, preventing it to end up on landfills. Now that is being sustainable! As a matter of fact, these locally produced products surpassed standard tests way better than imported products.

Grunerde is fueled everyday to start a green revolution while widening everyone’s mindset that Filipinos can produce products and services at par with developed countries with the best possible cost. With this goal, Grunerde continues to develop in providing its customers with innovative products and services.

Grunerde Integrated Enterprise

Technologies always had an important part in socio-economic development and its modernization. A great deal of developing countries, including the Philippines, are currently undergoing a rapid urbanization and struggles in keeping up with the intensified housing and other building demands. One of these struggles is the right choice of trusted provider of new technologies and expertise.

Grunerde Integrated Enterprise is a diversified provider of the latest eco-solution products in engineering, landscape architecture, and construction industry. With its people with the expertise and with more than 15 years of experience and exposure in the Eco- Solution Industry, Grunerde’s technical team offers a comprehensive advisory service to engineers, architects at design stage, as well as free technical assistance prior to or during project construction. Grunerde helps their customers in the best possible way offering products and solutions that suits best to the requirements.

Grunerde integrates technologies and design and turn them into optimal process and product solutions based on fundamentals customer requirements. With a brand promise of exceeding customer expectations, Grunerde provides high quality products with competitive cost. Aside from supplying materials, they provide installation services, as well, providing support from start to end of the project.

Making Greener Places to Live

Grunerde believes thatecological garden designs and management technique must be incorporated to create and maintain thriving landscapes.Every landscape challenge must be approached creatively with practicalsolutions that maximize the effectiveness of the client’s investment.

Grunerde offers major services like Landscaping, Green Wall, Green Roof, Rain Water Harvesting and Pedestal Support.This also includes Adjustable Paver supports, Grass Pavers, HDPE Liner, Green cells, Eco spots, Geocells, Rainwater Tank, Geotextile, and Hypertufa pots. They offer both installation and maintenance for variety of clients in any income level. Its objective of rendering services to satisfy clients’ needs contribute to the preservation and further enhancement of the environment in areas of development.The company was able to supply and install over 50,000sqm of Green Cells for sky gardens for some major landscaping service providers and leading developers and contractors.

With this, Grunerde Integrated Enterprise inspire gardeners and potential gardeners to contribute to plant biodiversity, provide a haven for wildlife and human spirit, while doing no harm to the earth while promoting sustainable garden design . construction and management.

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