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Landscaped atriums and single-loaded hallways further enhance the open feel of the interiors (Sheridan Towers actual photo).

Long before a “new normal” lifestyle came about because of the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), health experts around the world had advocated for a change in living conditions to reduce the risk of contracting diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) for one has long underscored the importance of natural ventilation in living spaces to reduce lung-related illnesses by up to 20%. WHO in its website states that buildings should have adequate ventilation to improve indoor air quality and reduce risks posed by trapped or stale air which include allergies and asthma to name a few.

Good thing for DMCI Homes’ unit owners, half the work has already been done with their condo units that are designed to maximize the benefits of natural air and sunlight. As early as in the late 2000s, the Quadruple A developer had started implementing a design technology for high-rise buildings that allows sunlight and cross ventilation inside condominium units. This design innovation called Lumiventt® Design Technology – from the words “lumen” meaning light and “ventus” meaning wind – takes advantage of natural light and air by having three-story high openings dubbed as Sky Patios as entry points to make this possible.

With this design technology, natural light and air enters the sides of the building and pass through landscaped atriums which are built-in every five floors of the building. Winds passing through and around the structures with the help of breezeway and vents in both sides of the building create areas of positive and negative pressure thereby supplying fresh air to the units while pushing stale or hot air outside of the structure.

Sky Patios – Three-storey high openings called Sky Patios found at the front and back of the building serve as entry points for natural light and air to flow in and out of the living spaces.(Torre de manila and Flair Towers actual photos)

Coupled with meticulous placement of doors, windows, and balconies for the unobstructed flow of air and sunlight throughout the units, the build-up of moisture, odors, and harmful gases are minimized resulting in longterm health benefits for building occupants. It also helps that most DMCI Homes condominium units have an open space layout. This free-flowing and functional design means the building requires less walls and dividers, which in turn encourages air and natural light to flow within.

With regular cleaning and disinfection, condo-dwellers get to have all these health benefits while enjoying a comfortable and relaxing vacation lifestyle in all DMCI Homes condominium units.

Satori Residences (Aerial view-artist’s illustration)

The buildings of new DMCI Homes high-rise developments like Allegra Garden Place in Pasig Boulevard, Brgy. Bagong Ilog, Pasig City will also bear the Lumiventt® Design Technology. (Artist’s illustration)




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