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Nowhere should we feel better than in one’s home. Your home is one of the biggest investments in your life. More than just a fixed asset, home reflects the personality of those who reside in it, thus, every homeowner should seek out pieces that represent their persona. Furniture contains numerous traces of what we are, who we are, and who we think we can be.

Every piece of furniture is going to play an important part in setting up your moods, even boosting your productivity, as well as potential. With the inclusion of great furniture, you’ll have the ability to take your relaxation to an entirely new level. It’s the reason why homeowners of today take great consideration of the pieces they will place in their own haven.

The key to having a great piece of décor or furniture should not only be based on how it contributes to the ambience, but also on the quality. Furniture is a great investment, too, that may be passed on from generation to generation, keeping the memories and heart-warming stories through time inside your home.

Renowned Chinese furniture company, CBD Furniture, finally set a home in the Philippines last June 7, 2017. With its headquarters at Shenzhen, China, CBD continues to expand its reach with over 3,000 branches worldwide including United States, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Cambodia, Taiwan, China etc. Their Manila showroom, located at Unit 3G/F The Teoff Centre 355 Escolta Cor. T. Pinpin Street in Binondo, displays the company’s collection of fine upholstery, cabinets, tables, and beds.

As one of the world’s top brand of furniture, CBD is the proud home of furniture designed by famous Italian designer Armani. His designs definitely took CBD on the top: modern, simple, stylish, and luxurious. In 2016 alone, its sales reached USD 6 Billion. Embracing the design philosophy of Italy, CBD Furniture insists on originality, premier design, craftsmanship, quality materials, and excellent service. CBD strives to provide their customers with a diamond-grade home experience.

Quality furniture also reflects your quality of life. CBD Furniture prides itself on its customer service and commitment to delivering value for money to its clients. CBD differentiates itself from other brands because of the quality it guarantees. They are the first one to build a world-class center for furniture manufacturing research and development. Top designers and experts from Italy, USA, and Hong Kong gathered together to come up with many unique furniture products combining art, science, and technology.

The materials used by CBD are all natural and environmental-friendly.  For most of their furniture, especially beds and sofas, CBD uses Russian Lumber which is stable and does not deform. It has a natural insect-repelling scent that makes it the best material for furniture. It is also the same material used for pianos and violin.

CBD has built its reputation based on great service and a passion for manufacturing quality products. This passion for excellence is what has made CBD an industry leader. #D+C

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