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The bahay kubo is said to be the quintessential Filipino house that is designed for the tropics: wide windows to let in air and for proper ventilation, steep roofing to facilitate water run off during the rainy season, a central, multipurpose space and made from indigenous materials that are abundant. But modernity has so much
The VIP entryway is designed with a grand porch and a helipad on top. “Sustainability” has become the common concept of numerous disciplines of various industries in the past few years. The reason for its popularity in the field of architecture is to design and construct a sustainable living environment, one that would inhale development
Cerca Alabang Visionarch A resort themed community that offers an exclusive and distinctive living experience to its residences. “Exlusive, relaxing, and breath takingly beautiful, Cerca Alabang indeed sets the bar high for vertical home living. WANT TO CONSTRUCT A BUILDING? A TREE PLANTING PLAN IS REQUIRED. With our nation bracing the effects and impacts of
SINGAPORE/TAIWAN – 4 October 2018 – Kinestral Technologies, Inc. today officially opened its first large-scale smart-tinting glass factory. Located in Miaoli, Taiwan, the factory will produce Halio™ smart-tinting glass, a green technology designed to support smart building goals of energy efficiency, sustainability, and occupant health and wellness. “This is the first of what we expect
Award-winning Singapore-based Interdisciplinary sustainable design firm Pomeroy Studio have been appointed to restore The Secretariat building in Yangon - one of the largest Colonial buildings in Southeast Asia. Their multiple appointment for conservation architecture, interior design, landscape design, lighting, way nding and branding will see the sensitive restoration of the abandoned 120-year-old former colonial government