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by IDr. Peaches de Guzman Grey
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All you need is a simple quiet corner in your house to set up a productive and professional work space. Here are some tips!


First, plan what you need. Make a list of the things that are essential for you to get the work done like office supplies (folders, pens, papers, stapler, puncher, etc.), a printer, a charging station, a laptop, a lamp, etc. Check if the lines for electricity, wifi, and phone are accessible in your quiet nook.

Dress up and put on your make-up when you work. Look good during online meetings! This gives you the feeling that you are working even if you are just in our own home. You should also set an alarm as to when to start and end your work day.

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Work from home can sometimes be hard. You have to separate the personal from the professional. If you have a dedicated space for work, then you can be less distracted from personal things. Ideally, just find a quiet corner or a nook at home that allows you some privacy. Be creative! You may even want to explore converting your clothes cabinet into a work station.

Learn how to make your closet office:


Look for the best furniture for your space. It doesn’t have to be new but it should be functional and ergonomically correct. The optimal height for a writing desk is about 750mm with 450mm seat height. Invest in a standing desk or get the adjustable ones so you can have the option to work standing up or sitting down.

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I suggest to get a desk with white or light-colored surface as this will reflect the light for better illumination. Check the items that you need on your desk and make sure that you have enough surface area to get the job done: ample space for your gadgets and supplies, computer space or a space to take down notes, space to place your drink, and other essentials. Avoid clutter. Get a desk with drawers.

The chair doesn’t have to be fancy but should be comfortable, should have the right height and should be able to provide proper back and arm support. If you plan to purchase, research on ergonomic office furniture first before buying. If you plan ahead, then you will be able to work productively and efficiently in a work from home life style.

Find out the best dimensions based on your height. Click here:


Consider natural lighting when planning for your home office. Choose curtains that lets you control the amount of light that enters the room. Remember that exposure to natural light has effects on your well-being, it reduces headaches and eye strain, and allows you to be more productive!

The formula is to mix natural light, general lighting and task lighting. That can simply mean sunlight, or your room’s ceiling light plus a desk lamp.

Source: Pinterest 

Source: Pinterest 


Last tip is to add some personality to your space. Decorate your table with some photos to keep you inspired. You may opt for an area rug to soften the look and maybe put in some plants for better air quality too.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Follow these tips and you are off to a productive work environment at home!

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