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3 Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home COVID-free

by Gerald Manuel
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The reality of the matter is that the world cannot function with us all locked up indoors.  Eventually, the world’s governments will have to end quarantine protocols for people and businesses to learn how to live in the ‘new normal’ that we’re presented with. However, it’s not enough to go back to the way things were, as now we’re faced with new obstacles to our old routines.

Recognizing the need for new cleaning practices

With much of the world slowly adapting to a pandemic-led style of life, more and more people are figuring out what to do whenever they have to venture outside their homes. Watching our hygiene and improving our cleaning practices is a new requirement for keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe from infection. In this article, we’ll give you three practical cleaning tips to keep your home COVID-19 free.

1. Washing hands and disinfecting sinks

It’s highly-recommended that people should wash their hands regularly with soap to kill the disease. Hand washing is an excellent way to avoid the virus as it properly keeps your hands clean of copies of the virus while sending them all down the drain. But doing just that isn’t enough.

Our sinks are responsible for being the cleaning area of our potentially infected hands. Some water droplets of the virus can survive on your sink by latching onto clutter in the surrounding area. Make sure to disinfect your sink after washing your hands and keep it clean of any miss and grime before and after.

Photo by Caludiu Hegedus on Unsplash

2. Cleaning items that interact with hands regularly

Besides frequently washing our hands, one seemingly overlooked aspect of disinfecting is through the objects that we interact with.  Our phones, watches, water containers, utensils, and the like are also at risk of keeping the virus alive even after we’ve washed our hands.

Remember to put extra attention to the parts of your house that regularly interact with your hands. This includes doorknobs, light switches, faucet knobs, and the like.

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3. Using more than just soap and alcohol

It’s not just our hands that we need to focus on every time we come back into the house. Scientists have discovered that COVID-19 can easily survive beyond the body, staying on materials such as plastic and stainless steel for over 72 hours after exposure.

A great way to break down the virus is to use a mixture of diluted bleach or cleaning agents that have above 70% alcohol content to give your clothes and other areas of the home a good scrub.

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Getting used to the ‘new normal’ will be a challenging struggle, but with the right materials and proper preparation, keeping safe will be much easier.

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